Capital Placement/Fundraising

We believe Technology could be a tool for enhancing our lives, our communities, and our businesses.

What is Capital Placement/Fundraising?

Our Capital Placement program positions early-stage startups that pose disruption threats and innovation opportunities and aligns them with bigger corporations, thereby turning potential competitors into partners and threats into opportunities for survival and growth in the long run.


Our Capital fundraising goal is to link-up corporations seeking innovation with the venture firms operating at the frontiers of the tech and startup community. We work with companies that are able to place capital into early-stage enterprises that provide access to emerging technologies, new products or other assets of strategic value.

Our partners in this endeavor are the VC firms that want to form synergies between these corporate investors and disruptive startups. This niche approach to capital fundraising ensures the creation of deals that not only function in the interests of all stakeholders, but that also advance innovation and have the potential to open up exciting new markets.

What’s more, our extensive partner network means we learn before others about disruptive trends across a variety of economic sectors. We translate this information into the multi-party investment deals that help established corporations become market disruptors not only in their own industry but – with the proper partnerships – in other industries too.