Product Design

We believe Technology could be a tool for enhancing our lives, our communities, and our businesses.

What is Product Design?

Our product design consulting services leverage our extensive global tech industry network. We apply the most effective new methodologies of the worldwide tech industry to style products with ten times (10x) impact on your market. This idea of open innovation is what propels our firm forward; we constantly seek to attach our clients to the foremost progressive thought leaders, technology and industry experts from within the innovation ecosystem. We are uniquely positioned to supply guidance on the creation of the latest products and services that seek to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Big data, and other emerging technologies.


Generate Ideas | Build Prototypes | Create Value

We offer a variety of outcomes to match the aims and ambitions of our firm including:

  • Consulting sessions (on an hourly or daily basis) to develop and validate your product ideas. Consulting can either hold in our office, at your company’s offices or through an online link-up.

  • Bring us your product ideas and we will assist you to build testable prototypes and generate actionable feedback within five days.

  • Long-term product consulting to assist you to generate, evaluate and choose ideas with a view to delivering on your own business strategic innovation agenda, enter new markets and avert disruption.